Hip Hop Seminar


A few weeks ago I had a moment with my daughter about music. Hip hop music actually.
She’s a fan of Pop. Not my cup of tea but that’s cool. We have a rule in my car; play what you want when it’s your turn to control the iPod.
Her choice comes on and it sounds like the standard Pop-ish track we just heard. Except that my daughter says that “she likes the hip hop beat of this song”. I was confused because I heard nothing that I would associate with Hip Hop.
Then it hit me. My daughters has never really heard Hip Hop.
The amount of guilt I felt for letting my daughter down was enormous. The shame for my lack of proper parenting was apparent on my face.
But I realized it’s not too late. There’s still time!
So I started to think of my childhood and what…

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Watch: J Cole Heads to Jamaica with Bally

Madforte Magazine

A Short Film Featuring J.Cole x Bally

J. Cole escapes to Jamaica to seek musical inspiration and connect with the world. The breath-taking landscapes and vibrant culture of Jamaica perfectly captures the true notion of the ‘Urban Explorer’.

This short film is a contemporary celebration of Bally’s long-standing affinity with hip hop culture and its iconic aesthetic. Much like the sneakers of the 90’s, the new JC Hicker boot is this generation’s equivalent assertion on everyday style. Taking functional design and transforming it into a luxury item as only Bally can, own the new wave of boots and backpacks that J. Cole hand selected for this unique collaboration, as seen in the film.

J cole and Bally The Bally Lifestyle

In the early stages of the collaborative process, Cole visited the brand’s offices in London, where he was struck by a portrait of Bob Marley wearing Bally hiking boots. (A side of Bob Marley’s…

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If black lives really matter in Australia, it’s time we owned up to our history


1838 slaughterhouse creek

Godfrey Charles Mundy’s depiction of the 1838 Slaughterhouse Creek massacre. Illustration: Godfrey Charles Mundy/Australian War Memorial

A shameful comparison of Australian and US genocide http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/aug/07/if-black-lives-really-matter-in-australia-its-time-we-owned-up-to-our-history

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